The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) is asking its 1.2 million members to write to Congress to extend the successful homebuyer tax credit into next year.  NAR has a great system email system to reach all of it’s members allowing massive responses to these “Call to Actions”.  According to, the $8,000 first time buyer tax credit has encouraged  350,000 people to realize the dream of home ownership, buyers who otherwise could not have bought.

“Now is the time for Congress to keep this recovery going by extending the tax credit through 2010 and making it available to more homebuyers. We have all seen how the credit has been a spur to bring homebuyers into the market, and have seen the beginnings of a real recovery in the housing market. Housing has always led this nation out of economic downturns, and can do so again,” said NAR President Charles McMillan, “The credit needs to be available for an additional period of time in order to sustain the progress that’s been made so we can continue to see our markets fully recover. Uncertainty about the future of the credit will dampen consumer demand. The only way we can assure that the progress we’ve made can continue is to extend the credit and to do that now.”

How can you help? Write Congress Now. REALTORS® responding to the Call to Action will be doing this en masse and your letters will help.  Write to your Senators and Representatives to tell them of the successes with the tax credit thus far, and press them to extend and expand it now.  With the deadline of November 30, 2009 fast approaching, buyers are running out of time.  if you or someone you know wants to take advantage of the existing tax credit, you need to have a home under agreement in the next 20 days or you will risk losing your chance to claim the credit.

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