Inspector’s Corner – Fall Maintenance Tip 5 of 6 – Just Say No to Drafty Windows!

Happy Friday Readers!  Time for another Fall Maintenance Tip from Matt Steger with WIN Home Inspection!   Windows.  They bring in light, add beautiful accents to the look of a home, create a warm, welcoming environment and, if you aren’t careful, drive your heating costs through the roof!   Read on to find out how you can make your windows as efficient and draft free as possible!
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This week, the topic is windows and keeping the cold weather outside.  If your home has Matt Stegersingle pane windows and storm panes, ensure that the storm panes are in good condition, sealed properly, and aren’t cracked.  A properly installed storm window can help prevent water and cold air infiltration and help lower your fuel bills.  If you don’t have storm windows, although it’s not the most attractive, covering your windows with plastic film can reduce drafts as well.  Now can be a good time to check the home’s exterior caulking and touch it up, where needed.  Caulking at joints around doors and windows, where wiring and pipes enter the home, and where different building materials meet can help keep water, insects, and cold air out.  Also, check the weather-stripping at all exterior doors to ensure you don’t see daylight or feel drafts.  If you do, add more weather-stripping and ensure a proper door fit.

690617-msDouble or triple pane windows are fairly common in most newer homes and are more efficient than single pane windows, so upgrading, if feasible for you, can make a big difference in your energy bills.

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