Inspector’s Corner – Fall Maintenance Tip 6 of 6 – Warm Coats are Good for Your House Too!

Happy Friday Readers!  Here we go, this is the last in a Series of 6 Fall Maintenance Tips from Matt Steger at WIN Home Inspection.  Don’t worry though, Matt will be back next week with more helpful tips and advice.  This week’s tip deals with the not so glamorous, but ever so important, issue of proper insulation.  The easiest way to lower your heating (and cooling) costs is to have the right amount of properly installed insulation.  Don’t know what that is or how to figure it out? 

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House insulation
This week’s discussion deals with insulation.  Before it gets really cold, it’s a good idea to check your attic and basement insulation to ensure it is still in place and uniformly distributed.  Loose fill fiberglass or cellulose can be smoothed out to a more uniform thickness to help maximize its insulating value.   Fiberglass batts in a basement ceiling or crawlspace can fall down, or there may be small areas in the basement ceiling or crawl space with no insulation. 

Adding insulation in the basement and attic can help lower energy bills and make your Matt Stegerhome more comfortable.  In most circumstances, adding insulation is fairly simple.  Generally, the thicker the insulation, the higher the insulation value (called R-value).  If you have fiberglass batt insulation installed with a paper vapor barrier, the vapor barrier should face the home’s warm side.  In a basement, the bare insulation should face the basement floor.  In an attic, the bare insulation should face the roof.  If the insulation is installed upside down, this can allow moisture to be trapped in the insulation.

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