Monday Lancaster Fit Bit – A Workout with No Equipment Needed!

Welcome Back Readers!  Glad you are here for this one, this is the first of what I plan on including more of here on The Lancaster this year, video entries!  Mickey Glick from Body and Soul Fitness Studio has produced a quick little video showing you how to do quick body weight exercise circuit, no equipement necessary!  Check it out after the jump!



No time? No equipment? No excuse.

This mini bodyweight circuit will only take about 3 minutes to complete. Perform 10-15 reps of each exercise (per side). Do as many rounds as you have time for, resting 30-60 seconds after each circuit as necessary.

 * Stationary Lunge (also known as a Split Squat or Static Lunge)

* Bodyweight Renegade Row

* Single Leg Hip Extension

* Slow Mountain Climbers

 Concentrate on good form. Make your muscles work; don’t race through it.


As always, if you are in or around LAncaster County PA give Mickey a call at 717-509-7777 for help woith your fitness needs!

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